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 RULES: a must read for all members

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RULES: a must read for all members Empty
PostSubject: RULES: a must read for all members   RULES: a must read for all members Icon_minitimeFri Feb 01, 2013 9:45 pm

1-Do NOT harass newbies (new users). Everyone was new at some point. If you think someone is acting stupid, point them to a set of rules, explain to them that what they're doing is wrong, or REPORT IT!

2 - Please do not ask people for personal information such as address, phone number, etc. Be smart, people, we want the forum to be a safe place.

3 - Please make an effort to keep your threads posted in the correct topic. They exist for a reason. Off topic posts will be considered spam .

4 - Do not text duel on this forum.

5 - We don't generally care if you swear or cuss, but if it becomes excessive a moderator will speak to you about it and if it keeps on going you'll get banned the days depends on how severe it was.. Also, DO NOT use ethnic or racial language, they are offensive and inappropriate and you'll get warned up to 2(kicks) times then its banned... Any threats made to ANYONE will also be dealt with harshly.

6-If you post any pornography either in chatbox or thread you will get banned for 3 days then if it happened again its perm ban without notice.

7- There will be no new testers unless they pass the tester test with at least 17/20, they must also be approed of by Blossomswilt the head tester.

8- Dont adverstive the members to join other academies .

9-All sigs must not be over the size 600x350

(More Rules will be posted soon if necessarily. If you think a rule should be posted message me through EBA or DN.)

We hope you enjoy your stay, and have fun

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RULES: a must read for all members
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